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SAM Core on Snow Atlas gathers data on the users in your IT environment and presents the data in the SAM Core user interface.

The inventory data that SAM Core collects from the computers in your IT environment include, for example, the users who have used the computers. This data is used to automatically create user objects and present them in the user interface of SAM Core. Here you find information on, for example, which computers and applications the user has used, and the date when the user most recently signed in.

User status

A user can have status Active or Quarantined in the system.

A user who regularly signs in to a computer and uses the installed applications is considered to have an active user account. If the user activity stops, the user account will be quarantined after a certain number of days of inactivity. If a computer starts reporting application usage by a quarantined user account, the status of that user account is changed back to active.

You find the settings for quarantine management of users in Settings for SAM. For more information, see User quarantine.

ActiveThe user is active in the system and will require licenses for their usage of applications.
QuarantinedThe user account is placed in quarantine, but the user still requires licenses for its usage of applications.