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Snow Atlas

Snow Atlas is a cloud-native technology intelligence platform providing Snow products as SaaS solutions.

Running Snow products on Snow Atlas means:

  • A relatively short period of time is required to install and deploy your Snow system, which means lower installation costs.

  • Time and effort otherwise required by an IT department can be focused elsewhere as Snow manages infrastructure and application operations.

  • Feature and functionality updates are quickly and automatically deployed ensuring all users are using the latest deployment without any downtime.

  • As it takes less time to become operational, the software value is realized faster.

Available on Snow Atlas

Snow Atlas

SAM Core

Manage and control your software assets, as well as optimize their use with SAM Core.

Watch the SAM Core overview video to learn how SAM Core on Snow Atlas can assist you in your daily SAM tasks.


Gain visibility into your SaaS estate and find optimization opportunities with SaaS.

Watch the SaaS overview video to learn how Snow SaaS management can help you manage your SaaS estate.


Gain insight into your cloud costs and licenses with Cloud.


Gain an overview of your containerized environment with Containers.

Package Builder

Create and download installation packages for your Snow Inventory Agents with Package Builder.

Watch the Introduction to Package Builder video to learn how to create agent installation packages.

Partner Service Layer

Gain visibility and insight into the state of each of your customers' Snow Atlas systems with Partner Service Layer.

Watch the Introduction to the Partner Service Layer video to take a tour of the Customers overview, Customer details, and Partner access.

Snow Atlas APIs

Interact programmatically with your Snow Atlas installation using the language or tool of your choice with Snow Atlas APIs.