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Snow Software user documentation

In addition to Snow Atlas, user documentation is available for the following Snow Software products.

Data Intelligence Service translates raw data used across the organization into a normalized view you can understand, communicate, and reconcile. The data is used by Snow products.

Productivity Optimizer automates manual processes, such as software requests and approvals, and ensures that requests for resources follow the policies set by the organization.

ITSM Enhancer automatically builds and maintains your configuration management database (CMDB).

Risk Monitor is a tool for managing risk and data protection. It automatically detects software vulnerabilities and PII liabilities for devices and applications in the organization.

Snow Commander enables cloud automation by integrating with your public and private clouds, and on-premise infrastructure.

Snow Device Manager is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that manages smartphones and tablets across the entire organization.

Snow Integration Manager collects inventory data and discovery data by integrating with software used across the organization. The data is used by Snow Atlas and Snow License Manager.

Snow Inventory Agents and Oracle Scanners collect inventory data from the computers in the organization. The data is used by Snow Atlas and Snow License Manager.

Snow Inventory Server receives inventory data collected by Snow Integration Manager and Snow Inventory Agents, processes it, and transfers it to Snow License Manager.

Snow License Manager is a Software Asset Management (SAM) tool for managing and optimizing the software assets within the organization.

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software allows you to analyze and optimize your SAP licenses and license contracts.

Snow Update Service enables automatic or manual updating of Snow products.

Supporting resources

Snow compatibility matrix provides a cross-reference of the supported third-party versions of operating systems, environments, and integrations relevant to Snow products.

Snow product dependencies provides information on version and feature dependencies between Snow products.

Snow system requirements provides the specifications and recommendations of resources required to install and run Snow products.

Snow Adoption Tracker and Spend Optimizer helps you get visibility and control of technology use within your organization..

Snow release notes

Snow release notes describe new features, product enhancements, and fixes for each release.

Snow Globe

The Snow Globe user community provides additional resources for Snow Software.