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User profile

Your user profile shows information specific to you as an individual user of Snow Atlas.

From your user profile, you can view and make changes to your own settings, view your activities in Snow Atlas, sign in to organizations that you are a member of, and sign out.

When you select User profile, you can also access legal policies for Snow Atlas: Terms of Use, Privacy policy, and Third Party trademarks.

When you select your name in User profile, you can access Profile, Organizations and Activity log.


This page shows your profile details. Personal details includes the email address used for you to sign in to Snow Atlas, which you cannot edit.


In My preferred currency, you can set your preferred currency: the currency in which you prefer to view monetary values in Snow Atlas where possible.

The default currency in which monetary values appear in your Snow Atlas system is the base currency for your Snow Atlas system: the currency that is your organization's base currency is indicated with (base currency) in the dropdown list.

When you set your preferred currency to a currency that is not the base currency, monetary values appear in your preferred currency for you where possible. Your selection does not affect other users. In addition, if you have access to more than one Snow Atlas system in a region, monetary values will appear in your preferred currency in all of those Snow Atlas systems.

You can select any of the currencies for which the European Central Bank (ECB) provides reference rates. For more information, see ECB reference rates.


There are cases when monetary values cannot be shown in your preferred currency in the Snow Atlas applications that your organization is entitled to. For information on such cases, refer to the documentation on currency management for those applications. For SAM Core on Snow Atlas, see Currency management.


This page lists the Snow Atlas systems that you have access to, and which organization you are currently signed in to.

Activity log

This page provides information on the activities that you have completed in your Snow Atlas system, including how you accessed Snow Atlas.