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Objects and object types

To manage company assets in your IT environment that are not automatically inventoried by SAM Core on Snow Atlas, you can use the custom object and custom object type functionality in SAM Core.

For efficient management of these company assets, you can add them as custom objects and group them together by using your own custom object types. You also have the possibility to attach your custom objects to agreements registered in SAM Core.


A custom object can be any type of company asset, for example, a projector, a computer monitor, or a conference speakerphone.

When you add your custom object, you state what organization node it belongs to. You can also add other type of information that you need to store about the object. The information is stored as object properties, which you define by using the object type.

Object types

A custom object type is used for administration of your custom objects.

When you create your custom object type, you can add one or several properties to store information about objects of this type. This can be, for example, the manufacturer, the location, or any anti-theft labeling. You can also decide which properties are mandatory and for those you can set default values. Setting a default value means that when you create or edit a custom object of this type, you can select to use the automatically populated default value or overwrite it by entering another value.