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SAM Core on Snow Atlas provides useful reports that show data about, for example, your applications, computers, and licenses. Use the reports to gain insights about the status of your environment. Reports can support decision-making in asset management for activities, such as, audit tracking and spend optimization.

The reports enable you to gather data from SAM Core in standardized views, customize the data, save the data to file, and download it to your device. You can also schedule reports to track your data over time.

The report configuration is the structure of the report, and consists of the selected columns and added filters. The report data is the information that populates the report when you select Show report. The word report can be used to describe both a report configuration and its data.

Report configurations

On the Reports page, you find all of the report configurations that are available in SAM Core from start. This includes the Standard reports, such as, the reports for applications, computers, and licenses. On this page you also find reports related to, for example, Adobe, Microsoft, and Cloud environments.

Use the report configurations as they are, or change the selected columns and added filters to customize the reports for your needs. A customized report is only visible to the user who changed it and saved it.

Customized report configurations are listed at the top of the reports list on the Reports page. You have the possibility to group your reports but if you choose not to, they are by default listed under Ungrouped reports.

Report files

On the Report files page, you find all of your exported files with report data available for download.

Scheduled reports

You can use the scheduling functionality in SAM Core to regularly export reports and send them by email to defined recipients. On the Scheduled reports page, you find a list of all of your currently scheduled reports.