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The Home page in SAM Core on Snow Atlas provides an overview of status and alerts related to, for example, your inventoried computers and applications. You can select to have this page presented as a Snowboard or as an Overview (Alert list). Select your preferred type of page in User settings.


The Snowboard shows inventory status and alerts using charts, summaries, and lists with various content. You can use the Default Snowboard or a customized Snowboard that you have created yourself.

For more information on the Snowboards and how you use them, see Snowboard and Manage Snowboards.


The Overview shows a summarized list of all active alerts sorted as critical and warnings. By default, the list shows active alerts for all categories. To narrow down the number of categories, select Filter in the upper-right corner of the list, and then select the categories you want to see alerts for.

Also, the Overview shows charts for computer Inventory status and application Compliance. Select View report to see what data the charts are based on.