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The SAP page in SAM Core on Snow Atlas shows information provided by Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software.

The information can be either automatically imported from file via the Web Configurator, or manually imported from file using the SAP import wizard on the Data import page. For more information on manual import of SAP® information, see Import SAP® information.

The page shows the following information:

  • The top section of the SAP page shows a Top 5 metric recommendation graph. The graph shows information on the current count of used metrics together with the count recommended by Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software. The graph shows the metrics with the largest absolute difference in current and recommended count.

    To view more details in the All SAP user accounts report, select View report in the upper-right corner.

  • The User summary shows information based on the import file. For field descriptions, see User summary.

  • The bottom section of the SAP page contains detailed information on the utilization of SAP® software. The information is presented in tabs. For a description of tab contents, see Tab contents.


All information on the SAP page is read-only.

The user will be notified when the imported SAP® data is more than 90 days old.


Refer to the tables below for descriptions of the fields and tabs on the SAP page.

User summary

AccountsThe number of identified user accounts.
Licensable usersThe number of licensable users after user account consolidation by Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software.
Average accounts per licensable userThe average number of user accounts per licensable user.

Tab contents

SystemsThe number of users of each identified SAP® system software. The information is based on the import file and is view-only.
ApplicationsThe number of installations and users for each identified SAP® software based on information in SAM Core. Only applications with installations or users is shown. Select an application to open the application details.
LicensesInformation on each license purchase of SAP® software registered in SAM Core. Only licenses attached to an application is shown. Select a license to open the license details.
AgreementsInformation on each SAP® agreement registered in SAM Core. The agreement is shown in the list if either one or more SAP® licenses are attached to the agreement, or information in the Contractor field contains "SAP". Select an agreement to open the agreement details.