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Currency settings

Snow Atlas supports multiple currencies which allows you to view monetary values in different currencies as required, for example, to view prices and costs in SAM Core on Snow Atlas.

The Currency settings page shows the base currency that applies for your Snow Atlas system, and allows you to set the exchange rates for other currencies required by your organization.

Setting your base currency and fixed rates for other currencies ensures that monetary values are shown consistently in your Snow Atlas system.

Base currency

The base currency applies for your entire Snow Atlas system. However, if a user has set their preferred currency to a different currency in their user profile, they will continue to view data in their preferred currency where you have added matching currency rates.

The default base currency depends on the region of your Snow Atlas system:

RegionDefault base currency
Australia SoutheastAUD - Australian Dollar
East USUSD - United States Dollar
West EuropeEUR - Euro
UK SouthGBP - British Pound Sterling

If you want to change your base currency, contact Snow Support. You can select any of the currencies for which the European Central Bank (ECB) provides reference rates. For more information, see ECB reference rates.

Fixed rates

You can add as many fixed rates as required that apply to your Snow Atlas system. You define the periods for which you want specific fixed rates to apply, and then add the currencies and exchange rates. You also have the option to add periods without end dates. The periods cannot overlap, even if they include different currencies.

All dates are in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), and the fixed rates apply from the beginning of the start date until the end of the end date.

For the fixed rates currencies, you can select any international currency. When you add an exchange rate, add the rate that applies to convert your base currency to your fixed rate currency.

Preferred currency

In their User profile, individual users can set their preferred currency for monetary values to appear in for them in Snow Atlas. For more information, see Currency and Select your preferred currency.