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In Authentication, you determine how you want users within your organization to sign in to Snow Atlas.

For information on API authentication by obtaining a token to access Snow Atlas APIs, see Example scripts.

There are two ways that you can configure for users to sign in to Snow Atlas. You can choose between Password authentication, and enabling single sign-on. You can only have one authentication option enabled at a time for all users.

Password authentication

Password authentication is enabled by default. When this option is enabled, after receiving an invitation via email, as a user you are invited to activate your account by creating a password for your account. The password that you create is the password you must then enter when you sign in to Snow Atlas.

Single sign-on

Enabling single sign-on increases the security of your account and simplifies the sign-in process for the users in your organization.

To enable single sign-on, you must add a single sign-on provider to Snow Atlas, and enable it. You can only have one provider enabled at a time.

When you enable a single sign-on provider, Password authentication is automatically disabled.

For more information, see Single sign-on.


For information on the maximum number of sign-in providers permitted in your Snow Atlas system, see Limits and constraints.