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Enrollment sites

An enrollment site is a logical unit within a system where you enroll client applications, such as Snow Extenders, and keys required to secure the communication for applications that connect to Snow cloud services.


An enrollment site is used during the configuration of client applications, for example, a Snow Extender, to group similar client applications together, and to configure a certificate to secure communication. You can add several enrollment sites to group client applications with their certificates for better organization, and so that you can revoke a group of client applications by removing the relevant enrollment site if or when necessary.

A client application that authenticates using client credentials has its identity tied to the enrollment site. The identity is included in the json web token sent with all requests to the platform. The identity provider cryptographically guarantees that a client application sending data to the platform for a specific enrollment site is entitled to do so. This data is normalized by the gateway for Snow cloud services.


For information on the maximum number of enrollment sites permitted in your Snow Atlas system, see Limits and constraints.