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Manage Snow Cloud Cost SSO configuration

Learn how to manage your Snow Cloud Cost SSO configuration.


To add, edit or delete your SSO configuration, you require the Snow Atlas System administrator role.

To add your SSO configuration, you also require your Client ID and your Identity provider name for your Snow Cloud Cost instance

Client ID

There are two ways to retrieve your Client ID from Snow Cloud Cost. You can contact Snow Support who will provide you with your client ID, or you can use the Snow Cloud Cost APIs. For more information on the APIs, see Snow Cloud Cost APIs.

Identity provider name

To retrieve your identity provider name, sign in to your Snow Cloud Cost instance. After you enter your sign-in credentials you are prompted to Continue with <your identity provider name>. The name shown is the identity provider name that you require.

Add SSO configuration

Before you can add the SSO configuration, you require the Client ID and Identity provider name as described in Prerequisites.

  1. On the Snow Atlas settings menu, under Account, select Snow Cloud Cost.
  2. Select Add SSO configuration.
  3. In Client ID, enter the client ID for Snow Cloud Cost, described in Client ID.
  4. In Identity provider name, enter the name, described in Identity provider name.
  5. Select Save.

Sign in to Snow Cloud Cost

After you add your SSO configuration, there are two ways to sign into Snow Cloud Cost from Snow Atlas.

  • From Home, on the Snow Cloud Cost card, select To Snow Cloud Cost.


  • From Applications, select Snow Cloud Cost.

Edit SSO configuration

  1. On the Snow Cloud Cost page, select Edit SSO configuration.
  2. Make your changes to your Client ID or Identity provider name.
  3. Select Save.

Delete SSO configuration

  1. On the Snow Cloud Cost page, select Delete SSO configuration.
  2. In Delete SSO configuration, select Delete.