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Getting started

To get started with Snow Atlas, there are some tasks that we recommend you complete before you configure the settings for the applications that your organization is entitled to.


Refer to the System Requirements for Snow Atlas to ensure that you have the setup required. For more information, see System Requirements.

First steps for the first user

As the first user to sign in to your organization's Snow Atlas system, there are some steps that you need to take.

You will receive an invitation email from Snow Software, which provides you with a link to activate your account.


It is important that the recipient of this email signs in to Snow Atlas within the time frame specified in the email. If you do not sign in within that time frame, you must contact your Snow Software representative to request a new invitation.

  1. In the invitation email, select Continue to Snow.

    If the Continue to Snow button does not bring you to Snow Atlas, copy the link provided and paste it in to your browser to navigate to your Snow Atlas sign in page.

  2. In Reset your password, create a password for your Snow Atlas account, and select Reset password.

    Passwords must be eight characters or more, and contain at least one digit, an uppercase, a lowercase, and a special character.

  3. When you get confirmation that your password has been reset, select Return to sign in.

  4. Enter your password, and select Sign in.

  5. Enter your first name and last name, and then select Confirm.

As the first user in your organization's Snow Atlas system, you have the Snow Atlas System administrator role. For more information on this default role, see Default roles.


The System administrator role does not give you access to the applications that your organization is entitled to. The Administrator role has that access.

Configure initial settings

There are configuration tasks that we recommend you complete to get started with Snow Atlas.

  1. Add and enable a single sign-on provider to increase the security of your account and simplify the sign-in process for the users in your organization, see Authentication.

  2. Invite your colleagues to Snow Atlas, and assign at least one role to each user, see Manage users.


    Ensure that you assign the Snow Atlas Administrator role to the relevant users so that the applications that your organization is entitled to are visible for those users.

Further configuration tasks in Snow Atlas settings depend on your setup. For information on the configuration tasks for the Snow Atlas applications that you are entitled to, refer to the relevant sections of the Snow Atlas information, see Snow Atlas.