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Manage user profile

Learn how to manage your user profile in Snow Atlas.

Edit your profile details

In your profile, you cannot change the email address that you use to access your Snow Atlas system.

  1. Select User profile, and then select your name.
  2. From Account, select Profile.
  3. Edit your name, then select Save.

Select your preferred currency

When you select your preferred currency, monetary values in Snow Atlas appear in that currency in your view where possible, for example, in SAM Core on Snow Atlas in detail views, lists and reports. If you have access to several Snow Atlas systems in the same region, views are shown in your preferred currency in all of those systems.

  1. From Account, select Profile.
  2. In Currency, select your preferred currency.
  3. Select Save.

There are cases when your preferred currency cannot be shown in the Snow Atlas applications that your organization is entitled to. For information on such cases, refer to the documentation on currency management for those applications. For SAM Core on Snow Atlas, see Currency management. For SaaS, see Currency.

Switch organizations

You can sign in to another Snow Atlas organization that you have access to, without signing out. When you sign in to another organization, you are automatically signed out of the previous organization.

  1. From Account, select Organizations.
  2. From the list of organizations, on the row for the organization that you want to sign in to, select Sign in.

Sign out of Snow Atlas

  • From User profile, select Sign out.

If you are idle in your Snow Atlas session for 30 minutes, you are automatically signed out.