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Gain insight into your cloud costs and licenses.


Gain an overview of your containerized environment.

Enable external access for partners

How to give access to your Snow Atlas environment to an accredited partner. Enabling this access allows your partner to monitor and address issues in your Snow Atlas system.

Organization assignment

A brief overview of organization assignment on Snow Atlas. Learn how to create assignment rules to assign computers to an organization structure.

Package Builder

Create and download installation packages for your Snow Inventory Agents.

Partner Service Layer

Gain visibility and insight into the state of each of your customers' Snow Atlas systems.

SaaS home page

Introduction to recommended actions on the SaaS home page.

SaaS overview

Learn how Snow SaaS management can help you manage your SaaS estate.

SAM Core

Manage and control your software assets, as well as optimize their use.

SAM Core overview

Learn how SAM Core on Snow Atlas can assist you in your daily SAM tasks.

Set up Cloud license management

Learn how to set up Cloud license management connectors. This video steps through the Azure prerequisites needed to configure the connector in Snow Atlas.

Single sign-on in Snow Atlas

This video demonstrates the functions and benefits of single-sign on in Snow Atlas. Okta has been selected for the configuration part of this demo.

Snow Atlas

Snow Atlas is a cloud-native technology intelligence platform providing Snow products as SaaS solutions.

Snow Atlas APIs

Interact programmatically with your Snow Atlas installation using the language or tool of your choice.

Snow Commander

Enable cloud automation by integrating with your public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise infrastructure.

Snow Inventory Agent configuration file

A walkthrough of the agent configuration file elements. Highlights some of the important settings to change in the configuration file template to have a working agent.

Snow Inventory Server

Receives inventory data collected by Snow Integration Manager and Snow Inventory Agents, processes it, and transfers it to Snow License Manager.

Snow License Manager

A Software Asset Management (SAM) tool for managing and optimizing the software assets within the organization.

Technical videos

We've got videos to help you learn about the Snow Software products and how to use specific features.

Upload additional files

Learn how to upload your own custom files to your agent installation package, such as certificate files for the Unix agent or customized configuration files for the Oracle scanners.